Steel Detailing India stands as a beacon of excellence in the steel structure industry, consistently delivering unparalleled services to fabricators, structural consultants, and fellow steel detailers.

Our commitment to precision and timeliness sets us apart, ensuring that every project we undertake is completed with the utmost accuracy and reliability.

Our team of skilled professionals specializes in generating flawless sheet steel work detailing, comprehensive steel detailing, and meticulously crafted steel shop drawings. We understand the critical nature of these documents in the construction process and approach each task with unwavering attention to detail. By leveraging cutting-edge technology and industry best practices, we guarantee that our output not only meets but exceeds the exacting standards of our clients. Time is of the essence in the fast-paced world of construction, and Steel Detailing India recognizes this imperative.

We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver projects on schedule, without compromising on quality. This dedication to punctuality, combined with our track record of accuracy, has earned us the trust and loyalty of countless industry partners. Choose Steel Detailing India for your next project, and experience the peace of mind that comes with working alongside true experts in the field.

Our reliable services will streamline your workflow, reduce errors, and ultimately contribute to the success of your steel structure endeavors. With Steel Detailing India, you’re not just getting a service provider – you’re gaining a committed partner in your pursuit of excellence.

We have qualified and practiced steel detailing services firm with many years of experience in structural industry. The member of the company consists of engineers and architects from leading institutes in India. We are specialized in providing structural services, shop drawing services and erection drawing services to USA and Canada. Our experienced and qualified team of structural engineers has completed several projects using latest method.

Our expert and skilled steel detailers, draftsmen, designers and engineers are adept in providing efficient and cost effective steel detailing services

Our domestic and international steel detailing projects include:

  • · Multi-Story Office Buildings
  • · Schools and universities
  • · Stadiums
  • · Airports
  • Hospitals
  • Churches
We follow the below standards and codes:


NISD (National Institute of Steel Detailing)

BS (British Standards)


CISC (Canadian Institute of Steel Construction)

SJI (Steel Joist Institute)

SDI ( Steel Deck Institute)

AWS (American Welding Society)

AS (Australian Standards)

ASTM (American Society of Testing Materials)

ACI (American Concrete Institute)

CRSI (Concrete Reinforcing Steel Institute)


Our Expertise

We look forward to work with you. We have a team of extremely trained professionals with extensive experience in a wide range of structural steel work projects. We can liaise with consulting engineers, detailers, fabricator and other trades to ensure that project program can be maintained.

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