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The Steel detailer is a key team member in any Steel building or structural construction. He interprets the instruction details provided in the design documents, produces fabrication drawings and generates material estimates and other relevant reports. This detail must be presented in a standard format as required by the fabrication crew and construction team.

Once the architect or engineer completes Structural design documents for a desired steel frame structure, the steel detailer takes over the design detailing work. Accuracy of structural design documents determines the ability of the detailer to rightly interpret and avail fabrication details. It is a medium by which the architect or engineer communicates to the detailer the sizes, locations, dimensions, loads and other specifications for every steel component involved in the project.

If the design drawings provided by the engineer are found to be inaccurate or imperfect, the detailing process suffers heavily. The detailer will then misconstrue the design purpose and detail all the components inaccurately. Fabrication of parts becomes inefficient and erroneous resulting in waste of time and money.

First all of the steel components used in the structure are staked into a single system and are detailed as per the design guidelines. Commonly detailed parts include steel beams, columns, handrails, joists, decks, roof trusses, braces and girders. Steel detailer prepares plans, elevations, sections, views and details from 3D models to completely visualize the desired steel structure. He may require some help from designers to develop beam, colum and end plate connections along with special connection details on the Shop drawings.

It is heavily recommended that the detailer prepare all the shop drawings; it is the service he is trained for, and this is why he is paid for. Shop drawings must be thoroughly checked to ensure that all design and fabrication requirements, local codes and guidelines have been met. If the detailer fails to produce all the required details, fabrication will be delayed which results in added cost to all other trades involved, including the project owner.

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